Three Solid Reasons to Check Out CARFAX One-Owner Vehicles

December 29th, 2020 by

When considering a used car, learning more about its history is always important. Regardless of how good a vehicle looks, if it hasn’t been well-maintained, or if it’s been involved in a number of accidents, it’s unlikely to provide a decent value. Fortunately, Greensboro drivers can always rely on CARFAX to give them detailed information on how well autos have been cared for and how many collisions they’ve been in with our One-Owner vehicles inventory.

What is a CARFAX One-Owner Vehicle?

While there are many ways to access the vehicle history reports of used automobiles, only CARFAX History-Based Value reports will let you know how many owners a vehicle has had. This report details vehicles’ maintenance records, accident histories, owner histories, and overall value based on these factors.

Also, there are a number of benefits that High Point residents can enjoy when shopping CARFAX one-owner vehicles at Impreza Auto Sales:

  • Fewer Miles Driven: With just one owner, a vehicle isn’t likely to have been driven very far. This means less wear and tear all-around.
  • Greater Owner Investment: When people have paid $30k or higher for autos, they’re generally pretty diligent about keeping them up. When they no longer have the time, interest, or resources for doing so, they sell them. Drivers who hold onto their cars and then offer them up at Impreza Auto Sales have often invested a fair amount of money to keep them running and looking good.
  • Lower Likelihood of Unreported Accidents: There are a number of minor bumps and taps that vehicles can experience that aren’t always reported. Whether lightly hitting other cars while parking, nipping mailboxes or corners, or driving up and over curbs, some drivers brush these incidents off and go about their way, after settling matters with anyone else involved. Conversely, original owners tend to be more diligent about pursuing and settling claims, and having seemingly insignificant damages fixed. Unlike second and third owners, they’ve paid more than just a few thousand dollars for their autos.

Check Out What We Have

When you buy a used auto for your Kernersville family, you want to know where it’s been. CARFAX reports will give you all the information you need to complete your purchase with total peace of mind. To check out our inventory of one owner vehicles, drop by Impreza Auto Sales now.

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