Learn Why a Used SUV May be the Right Fit

February 21st, 2022 by

There are many reasons why drivers in Kernersville and the surrounding areas find used SUVs appealing. SUVs are great for families. They have plenty of room, comfortable and supportive seating, modern technology. Plus, used SUVs have improved fuel economy. You can also find used SUVs at affordable prices. In many cases, you can find a used low mileage SUV in excellent condition for the same price as a smaller new sedan.

Saving Money

Used SUVs are less expensive than brand new vehicles, so they are a good value for most drivers in High Point. Purchasing a used SUV is an excellent way to save monthly payments. You can also save money on auto insurance premiums and registration fees. So, whether you are on a budget or looking for a good deal, you can get a lot by purchasing a used SUV.


In addition to a lower price tag, used SUVs have the same modern technology you would find in a new SUV. Used SUVs have the latest safety features that can keep you and your family safe as you drive around Winston-Salem. A few of these safety technology features include blind-spot monitoring, pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, and rear-view camera backup assist.

Whether you are on your daily commute to Burlington or a weekend outing to the outdoor areas around Greensboro, NC, staying connected is essential. Many used SUVs have an infotainment system that will keep you connected wherever you go. These systems have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for you to safely use your smartphone phone to make hands-free phone calls and text messages.

If you are looking for a used SUV that your family will enjoy, our inventory at Impex Auto Sales has many of the models that will fit your needs. So, visit us today and take one of our used SUVs out for a test drive.

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