Great Savings And Quality In A Used Ford F-150

December 30th, 2020 by

The Ford F-150 pickup truck is one of the most popular vehicles in the country, and you can get a great deal on a used one. Not many models can boast of being on the scene for as long as the Ford F-150, and while the truck has gone through many changes over those decades, many customers have not wavered in their loyalty to the model. Here at Impex Auto Sales, we think that if you buy a used F-150, you’ll find out why.

Quality In A Spacious Pickup

Tough and powerful, the Ford F-150 has a towing capacity of over 13,000 pounds at its strongest, and it can seat from three to six people depending on the style of cab that you choose. Generally, the bed size is smaller or larger in proportion to how large the cab is, so if you give up some passenger space, you’ll have more cargo space. There are so many different Ford F-150 trucks out there that you’ll be sure to find one that has the proportions that are just right for you as well as all the features and options that you need.

Why Buy A Used Ford F-150?

When you buy a Ford F-150, you’ll save money in several ways. In addition to the lower price, you’ll probably also pay less for insurance on a used car than a new one. On top of that, you won’t watch the value of your used Ford F-150 plummet as you would if you bought new.

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From rugged roads and tough jobs throughout High Point to driving family and friends around the streets of Greensboro, the Ford F-150 is an attractive, versatile and comfortable full-sized truck. Check our inventory online or by stopping off at our dealership to see what so many Ford F-150 owners love about this pickup.

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