Car Home Delivery to North Carolina

Have Your Vehicle Delivered to North Carolina

There are very few things as nice as the home delivery of a vehicle. We can deliver your vehicle directly to your front door if you live close by or in another state. If you live in the great state of North Carolina, you can easily take advantage of this system. Get your next used vehicle delivered to your home from Greenboro, NC, today!

How Delivery to North Carolina Works

At Impex Auto Sales, we believe in providing you with an easy and seamless way of getting your pre-owned vehicle delivered to your home. There are three easy steps to follow. First, contact our team and request a delivery time. Second, finalize any documentation you have or have received from us. Finally, all you have to do is wait and enjoy the moment when your vehicle finally arrives.

As a North Carolina resident, you can have your vehicle delivered for free. There is also a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, in case you prefer another pre-owned vehicle on our lot. When your delivery is set up, we will attempt to deliver your vehicle as soon as possible. Do you have a car you wish to trade in? We are happy to swap vehicles and bring your model back to add to our dealership.

Have Questions? Give Us a Call

We are always happy to help our customers in any way we can. That includes answering your questions whenever they pop up. Customers can call us over the phone when it is convenient for them. We will happily assuage your concerns about our delivery and shipping process. Let your worries melt away and rely on our knowledge. Relax, and enjoy seeing your next pre-owned vehicle roll up to your front door.