Used Car Home Delivery to Maryland

Car, Truck and SUV Delivery to Maryland

At our used vehicle center, we provide you with the unique opportunity to buy a pre-owned option no matter where you are. Our dealership located in North Carolina ships to many locations out of state, and this includes getting your used car purchase shipped to Maryland. If you're from Maryland and see a vehicle you like in our showroom, get in touch with us and we'll be able to arrange home delivery!

Get Your Next Car Shipped to Maryland

We'll ship nationwide, and for those in the Old Line State, you can have your vehicle delivered. We'll work with you to arrange the costs and fees associated with the shipment of your vehicle across state lines, and you can finalize the process in a few simple steps. All it takes is viewing our collection of pre-owned vehicles and finding the one you like. We can then discuss the financing, including taking your vehicle on as a trade-in, and get the buying of the vehicle sorted, then arrange a date for you to have your car, truck or SUV brought to you in Maryland.

The home delivery option is one we'll guide you through, and are here to answer all your questions.

Home Car Delivery to Maryland FAQs

When will my car be delivered and how long does it take?

Delivery times to Maryland can depend on location, but we strive to get your vehicle to you as quickly as possible, and usually between three to 10 days when going out of state to Maryland.

Will you take my trade-in back after delivery?

We take your old car back with us if you're choosing to trade in your vehicle, giving those in Maryland a smooth transition from one vehicle to the next.

What are the costs of having my vehicle delivered to Maryland?

Costs will vary based on shipping and generally, you will find it can range from $999 to $1,499 depending on where you are. Ask us for specific details.

Get Started and Have Your Next Car Delivered to Maryland

If you're a Maryland driver and want to purchase one of our standout pre-owned vehicles at Impex Auto Sales, we'd be happy to get started. Contact us today to learn more!