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Buying a new or used vehicle is typically one of the best feelings you'll come across because you're choosing a vehicle that matches your lifestyle perfectly. The part you might be dreading is deciding how you will pay for your new ride. At Impex Auto Sales, drivers from Asheboro and Thomasville, NC can explore the benefits of both buying and leasing their new vehicles with the help of our knowledgeable financing team.


They know all the tips and tricks to help you find the plan that best suits your monthly budgetary needs and they can explain the benefits of a loan or lease in great detail. Below, we detail some frequently asked questions that will help you decide whether buying or leasing is the right choice for you and walk you through all that they have to offer. Our goal is to ensure you have the ability to pick the vehicle you want and we want to find a finance plan that helps that happen.


Frequently-Asked Financing Questions


What Kinds of Options do I Have When Shopping for a Vehicle?


When shopping for a vehicle, you have two options: buying or leasing. Buying can entail a combination of cash payment, the trade-in value of your current vehicle and an auto loan while a lease is a plan all on its own that doesn't require the same financing an auto loan would need.


What's Better between Buying and Leasing?


This is really up to your preference and typically how much you want to control the ownership of your vehicle. There are benefits and downfalls to both options, so we recommend you research each thoroughly and decide what makes the most sense.


Why Should I Choose Buying over Leasing?


There are many ways that buying your car, truck or SUV benefits you instead of leasing. First and foremost, you will own your vehicle outright. This means you can whatever you want with it without fear of ruining its value and costing you more. If you finance your purchase with an auto loan, the lender holds the title of your vehicle until it's paid off. Even though you don't control it at this point, you do build up equity as long as the payments outpace the rate that the car depreciates.


Buying a car also means you don't have to follow a mileage limit like you would with a lease. You have the freedom to drive just about anywhere. When you buy, you also have a vehicle that can be used as a down payment for your next car, so you're investing in your future. Feel free to customize it to your content because owning means you can add any features to it that you enjoy.


Why Should I Choose Leasing over Buying?


Most drivers like to save money and a lease helps you do just that. The process typically starts off with a lower monthly payment because you're essentially paying for the depreciation that occurs during the term of your lease. With a lease you can usually afford higher trim configurations or extra options because you aren't paying as much per month, so you can get access to the latest modern technology each vehicle has to offer. It easy to trade-in a lease towards another model or you can just walk away without having to worry about anything else as long as you have stayed in the mileage limit. Leased vehicles are also typically covered under the manufacturer's warranty due to the short term of a lease, so routine maintenances won't be paid for out of your pocket.


Can I Get Pre-Approved for an Auto Loan or Lease?


Yes! Our online financing application requires you to fill out some information but after you follow the easy to manage steps, we'll process the application and let you know what kind of loan or lease you're approved for.


Whether you need a truck to get to work in High Point or you want a second family vehicle for errands around Kernersville, Impex Auto Sales offers the ability to buy or lease exactly what you need. Swing by today and get the process started!


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