What Brand of Used Cars Will Be the Premier Choice for Your Lifestyle?


When you are in the market for an incredible used car that will make your entire driving experience special while keeping your budget intact, then there is no better place for you to do your shopping then right here at Impex Auto Sales Inc where our staff members and huge selection of used cars will provide every shopper with all of the models you could imagine. But, the big question with this selection is what brand that we off will be the right option for you? Take a few moments to learn about just a few of our favorite brands and why they are ready to impress.


What Brands Are Offered?


One of the toughest parts about shopping for your next used car with us is that we are able to provide drivers like you from all over the area with the chance to experience some of the some of the best possible cars around. Here we are proud to bring more shoppers the choice of models that will make your driving experience more complete. With a huge selection of ever-changing selection of used Ford, used Toyota, used Honda, used Nissan, or pre-owned Lexus models there will be something that can bring you the features and performance you want with a car all while keeping more money in your bank account!




When you come over to our dealership and take in all of our used Ford models, you will get to check out a selection of models that will offer you a wide selection of different options to make your driving experience complete unique. We have some incredible options like the Ford F-150, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, and the Ford Explorer which will make sure you have something that makes your drive unique. Each one of these models will bring you all of the incredible features you could want to make your entire drive better.




As one of the most popular automakers around, Chevrolet is able to offer all drivers the chance to get something that is widely accepted as one of the best options in their particular segment. We have worked incredibly hard to consistently bring you some of the most amazing Chevrolet offerings in the area like the Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevrolet Traverse and Chevrolet Suburban! With such a wide varied selection of models, there will certainly be something that can fit your needs!




Every year Honda is found at the top of many lists with their reputation of offering shoppers reliable, affordable, and comfortable cars. That expertise carries over to the selection of used models like the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Pilot, and Honda CR-V options that we have here. We want nothing more than to make sure you get something that is enjoyable to drive every time you step inside.




With a used Nissan you will be getting the chance to find something that is stylish, modern, and fun to drive! For years Nissan cars and SUVs have been able to offer an engaging and athletic driving experience without cranking up the cost! Our selection is proudly loaded with models like the Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima, Nissan Rouge, and Nissan Pathfinder that will ensure you have a driving experience that can truly make any road more enjoyable.




Lexus models are highly regarded for their ability to bring shoppers the luxury and comfort that has always been dreamt of! In many of the used models that we have here you will get to experience a refined driving experience that is able to confidently tackle any road, all while ensuring that you and your passengers can enjoy a life of luxury on any trip!


Choosing a used car is not as much about the selection as it is the dealership and here at Impex Auto Sales Inc you will see that our staff is here to walk you through the process. We will take the time to help you see what features and options you really want and need and help you looking through our huge inventory for something that fits that criteria all while keeping your budget in check. Come on over today and we will make sure you have the best shopping experience you could ever imagine. See you soon!