Wide Range of Used Ford Trucks Available at Impex Auto Sales!

For all your hauling, towing, and general rugged work truck needs, look to our selection of Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-450 trucks! Drivers from around the Greensboro area can find a thorough offering of Ford trucks available for their perusal here at Impex Auto Sales! Are you a Greensboro driver wondering about the difference between each of the various ford F series trucks? Not to worry, we'll break down some of the basic differences and what each of the model versions offers drivers.

Ford F-150

For those drivers that want a truck that handle the regular rigmarole of daily work, this is the truck for you. The F-150 model offers more plenty of power, towing, and hauling capability for nearly any work needs. However, if you're looking for a truck that is ready to handle more extreme work needs, look to the F-250, F-350, or the F-450.

Ford F-250

For those daily extreme duty work needs, the F-250 is a good start. From logging to construction, the F-250 is a vehicle of choice for many drivers. Some of the 2011 models offer available turbodiesel engines that are ready to tackle nearly all the toughest outdoors terrain conditions.

Ford F-350

If you require a truck that is nearly excessively powerful, large, and chock full of near-luxury comforts, look to the F-350. For those drivers that want to be able to conquer the outdoors in comfort and tech, the F-350 is an excellent option for Greensboro area drivers to consider.

Ford F-450

There's no mistaking that this is the top of the line truck for drivers that want the most power, hauling, and towing capability. Similar to the F-350, this truck can add near-luxury interior features, too. While all the F series trucks are highly capable, the F-450 is the boldest of the bunch.