With plenty of newer model year used vehicles starting to show in our showroom at Impex Auto Sales we're starting to see new technology come, and plenty of people have questions. Among them is what are LED lights and why are they considered a worthy feature on your vehicle?

LED lights, which stands for Light Emitting Diode are the latest in vehicle technology as these high-tech bulbs are able to provide you with more output than traditional bulbs, and do so more efficiently. They are able to do it all without creating as much heat as regular bulbs that burn energy and can cause your bulbs to go out, and that allows them to be durable and powerful, while lasting longer. These LED lights are known for being on headlights, but they can be on any other light in your vehicle provided you've got the right make and type for your vehicle.

Trying them out, we know that you're going to see the difference in person, and it's why we encourage you to take a look at our selection of used vehicles of recent model years here in our showroom serving the greater Greensboro area along with High Point, Kernersville, Asheboro, and Thomasville, NC today!

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