Still Reason to Get Ready with Winter Car Prep in North Carolina


Here in the greater Greensboro, NC area, we don't see the hard winter that our compatriots to the north do, so when it comes to winter driving tips, we can't offer too many. However, that doesn't preclude anyone from making sure their vehicle is ready for winter, because it will get colder around these parts and your vehicle will need some services and checks to make sure it's able to make the adjustment and you're still able to go.

One of the first things we recommend to drivers from High Point, Kernersville, Asheboro, and Thomasville, NC is to have their battery checked to ensure it's got enough power to keep going when it gets colder. Now is always a good time to change or check it because should your battery die or not start, you don't want it to be when it colder and the nights are longer, which is what happens in the winter for us.

Another service we think drivers should consider is checking their tire levels to ensure that they are properly inflated and have the right level of tread. With a lack of snow we really don't need winter tires, but you don't want poor tread or underinflated tires either so be sure to check each one to see if you'll need to perform some tire services.

We'd also advise checking all your fluid levels and your oil because you want to be topped off, and have a clean running engine in the cold. Additionally, make sure your heating and climate control works so you're warm on your drive throughout the area during the colder months.

There's plenty to prep for, and we're sure you'll be ready so contact us here at Impex Auto Sales if you'd like more information or are in need of a quality pre-owned vehicle here in our Greensboro area used car dealership today!